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I have been married to my incredible hubby for 14 years. We have four rowdy, growing boys. I love to gather ideas from other mommies and books. My heart is to share some of these with you and encourage you in this adventure.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Randomness for Your Friday

Picture taken in Sedona last September

The Negatives:
I really, really dislike the critters here. (snakes, scorpions, lizards)  I have already seen two snakes this year.  I can scream pretty loud.  So when there was a scorpion in my kitchen at 10:00 p.m. the older two boys thought someone was breaking into the house.

I really, really dislike that it is blazing hot here for 6 months out of the year.  Which means lots of inside time with four rowdy boys.  Oh my goodness. Can you even imagine?

I really, really dislike that everything is brown here.  No green.  Just brown.  Dirt everywhere.

I really, really dislike being far from family and my close friends.  That part is very hard.

I really, really dislike that my kids are surrounded by tons of non-Christian kids in their school.  I have read that about 65 percent of the people here are not Christians.

I really, really dislike that sometimes I don't even know why we are here.  I can't see what God is doing.  I just have to trust that He is doing something.

The Positives:

I love the mountains here.  Everywhere you look there are mountains.  The sunsets can take your breath away.

I love that we can drive to the beach and be there in 6 hours.  I love that we can drive two hours north to go hiking,  to pick apples, or play in the snow.

I love the winters here.  The boys can play outside every single day.  Can you even imagine?

I love that my children are impacting lives around them.  I think they are possibly planting seeds.  I love that God has brought likeminded friends into their lives.

I love that God has placed some amazing and incredible people in my life here.  I am forever grateful.

I love that God has a plan and a purpose for us here.  He is at work.  He has countless plans for our lives.  He is using us in ways that we will never even know.

There are always, always, always negatives and postives in our lives.  God help us to bring You the negative.  Help us to "see" the positives each day and dwell on the positives.  That is all.  Hugs to you all.