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I have been married to my incredible hubby for 14 years. We have four rowdy, growing boys. I love to gather ideas from other mommies and books. My heart is to share some of these with you and encourage you in this adventure.

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Kindness Jar

I'm a mommy of four energetic boys ages 6,7,10, and 12.  I love being a mom and embrace it fully.  However, some days are just hard and exhausting, especially when the boys are bickering with one another.

One morning, I was totally frustrated with the squabbling in our home.  I don't remember the specifics of that day, but I know we were rushing around trying to get ready for school, and the boys were not getting along.  In a home with several siblings, the possibilities are endless.  It could've been over the last piece of bacon, a glaring look, unkind words, first dibs on the bathroom, or determining who would get the last pair of Nike socks, etc.  What I do remember is being frustrated---with how challenging it is to create a squabble free environment.

On that particular morning as I washed the dishes at the kitchen sink, I asked God for wisdom.  That is when He gave me the idea for "The Kindness Jar".  Wow, it was a simple idea and I already had the supplies:  a mason jar and marbles.  I told the boys we would be looking for random acts of kindness throughout the week.  When we saw them being kind to one another we would place a marble in the jar.  There were 2 stipulations. 1) They could not ask for a marble. 2) They did not get a marble for every act of kindness.  Once their marbles filled the jar, they would all be rewarded. 

Here are a few ideas for rewards:
--A trip out for ice cream
--A trip out to Starbucks
--A round of miniature golf
--A visit to an indoor trampoline facility
--A family outing to Dave and Busters

While my boys, like most siblings, still argue over trivial matters, "The Kindness Jar" helped my hubby and I take note and praise the boys more often for their positive behaviors.  It also helped the boys be mindful to encourage each other and act in kindness.  The next time I have a "frustrated mommy moment" I hope I remember to ask God for wisdom and help.  
Hopefully, this will be a great parenting tool for your family.  

This is one of my favorite verses on kindness to pray over the boys and myself:

"..clothe yourselves with tenderhearted mercy, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Col 3:12