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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Proverbs' Woman: 9 Attributes

     The Proverbs Woman is found in Chapter 31 of Proverbs.  To be honest reading about her can be quite intimidating.  I am far from being a Proverbs Woman, I mean like really far.  Over the past few days I have studied her.  I looked at 7 different translations of the Bible to compose a list of some of her characteristics.

     The opposite of being a Proverbs Woman would include the following:  pointing out the husband's flaws, being critical of the husband, having a complaining spirit, not being productive, not being a good steward with money, taking care of self is not a priority, speaking whatever comes to mind, being selfish with money and concerned only with self, feeding on trash (what she looks at during the day), worrying and fretting about things instead of praying.  OUCH.  I am going to list the 9 different attributes I compiled.  My challenge for myself and for you is to prayerfully ask the Lord which ones He would have us improve on in our lives.

The Proverbs Woman:

1.  She is noble, high minded (she does not feed on trash or nothingness.)  She is trustworthy.
Her husband is able to trust her fully.

2.  She comforts her husband and encourages him.  She does him good and is not spiteful (mean or revengeful).

3.  She is a hardworker.  She doesn't complain about her work.  She takes delight in it and senses the worth of her work.  She does not eat the bread of idleness.

4.  She is wise with money.  She puts money aside for times of need.

5.  She is prepared and organized.  She gets spiritual food for her family and stays grounded in the Lord.

6.  She takes care of herself.  She does not wear "mommy clothes" all day (Steph's translation).  She girds herself with strength (spiritual, mental, and physical for her God given tasks).

7.  She is the "watchman" of the home.  She keeps an eye on everyone in her home.  When trouble or sorrow or fear comes, she prays through the night.

8.  When she speaks, her words are kind, wise, and worthwhile.

9.  She is giving.  She reaches out to the poor and needy.

     There were many areas I could have chosen to work on with the Lord's help.  Here are the 3 I have chosen to focus on over the next few weeks:

1.  I can get into a complaining mode and talk about "how hard things are" or "how tired I am".  I am going to try to cultivate a thankful heart throughout the day.
2.  I often forget the value or worth of being a "stay at home mom".  I need to remind myself daily that it is a high calling and has great value in the eyes of the Lord.
3.  I need to make physical exercise a priority. I have had sick kids for over 2 weeks and my exercise routine is non-existent.

     Please look over the list and prayerfully ask God to show you an area.  I would love to know the area or areas you are going to focus on in the weeks ahead.  Please message me and I will be faithful to pray for you!!  Love to you all.